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Resumes are accepted only for open positions. United Guaranty is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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United Guaranty and You

At United Guaranty, we know we’re only as successful as the people we employ. This is why we continually look for the best and the brightest qualified individuals to join in our challenge.

As part of the United Guaranty family of companies, our employees connect with an organization that is setting the standard for innovation, service, and business partnerships in the mortgage insurance industry.

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds and bring different life and work experiences. Yet they all share a common mission: to help households of all income levels achieve the dream of home ownership.

Our Commitment

United Guaranty is committed to providing outstanding products and services to our customers and offering a challenging and rewarding workplace to our employees.

Our management recognizes that the company’s success depends on the commitment and dedicated service of each employee. United Guaranty's reputation and standing in the industry are a direct result of the valuable contributions of our workforce.

Our goal is to engage our employees in meaningful work and to support their professional development opportunities through a comprehensive package of benefits and a variety of work/life options.

United Guaranty Diversity Definition

At United Guaranty, diversity means the highest standards of inclusiveness and a culture that embraces differences. Diversity is about respecting and valuing these differences. United Guaranty is committed to creating an environment where all employees can realize their fullest potential and where United Guaranty will continue to flourish with the opportunity that diversity offers.


United Guaranty is proud of its comprehensive employee benefits package, which we believe to be one of the best in the industry. A subsidiary of New York-based American International Group, Inc. (AIG), we offer a broad variety of benefits, including a range of medical, life, and other insurance options, as well as retirement benefits and a company-match 401(k) plan.