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United Guaranty has been the industry leader in new insurance written for five consecutive years.

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Financial Strength Ratings
(As of 08/19/2016)

Standard & Poor's BBB+ (positive)
Moody's Investors Service Baa1 (negative)1
Balance Sheet – June 30, 2016 (US $ millions)
Total Cash and Invested Assets $3,023
Total Assets $3,162
Statutory Financial Information (US $ millions)
As of 6/30/2016
Loss Reserves $416
Contingency Reserves $989
Total Liabilities $2,101
Policyholders' Surplus $1,060
Total Liabilities and Policyholders' Surplus $3,161
Statutory Capital (Contingency Reserves and Policyholders' Surplus) $2,049
Statutory Net Income—1H 2016 $141.5

Additional Key Metrics

As of 6/30/2016
Risk-to-Capital Ratio 15.2 to 1
Delinquency Ratio 2.9%
Portion of Delinquencies Missed > 11 Payments 36.8%
Portion of Risk in Force from Loans Originated Since 2008 85%
PMIERs Assets $3.300B
PMIERs Surplus 13.8%
New Insurance Written2 (US $ billions)
2012 $37.3
2013 $49.4
2014 $42.0
2015 $50.8

Hallmarks of United Guaranty's financial strength and MI industry leadership include:

Financial Statements

1 United Guaranty is under review for a downgrade with Moody's as a result of AIG's pursuit of an IPO of the business.
2 Refers to first lien, domestic mortgage insurance.
3 Core competitors active before 2008 are Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp., Radian Guaranty Inc., and Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.