January 13, 2012
Geographic Quality Index (GQX) - Update Effective February 13, 2012

Effective February 13, United Guaranty is updating its Geographic Quality Index (GQXSM) for the 384 Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs).

Compared to the current GQX list (effective November 14, 2011), approximately 10 markets have improved and 18 have worsened.

GQX information is available in the following formats:

Don’t forget! When you use United Guaranty’s Secure QuoteSM, you don’t have to worry about changes to our Performance PremiumSM model or GQX affecting the loans in your pipeline. Just remember to save your quote and include the quote number in your MI submission. If we make changes to our Performance Premium model or GQX between the time you save your quote and the time you submit the loan for MI (up to 60 days), we'll honor the more favorable model or GQX.

Note: United Guaranty’s Secure Quote does not apply if the Property State, ZIP Code, Property Type, or Occupancy Status changes.

Please contact your local United Guaranty representative for more information.


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