August 6, 2012
New Performance Premium Underwriting Requirement Guides - Effective August 13, 2012

United Guaranty is introducing two new Performance Premium® Underwriting Requirements Guides - one for full-file mortgage insurance submissions and one for United Guaranty's Reporting Acceptance Program®, (RAP®) submissions. These new Guides replace our Performance Premium Underwriting Requirements Guide which was used for both full-file and RAP submissions.

Full-File Guide

The newPerformance Premium Full-File Underwriting Requirements Guide:

We encourage all lenders to submit MI applications with a full-file submission so your underwriters can concentrate on the secondary market underwrite. You will no longer need to be familiar with a multi-page underwriting requirements guide. Let us make the right mortgage insurance risk decision for you.

Here's how it works:

Performance Premium RAP Guide:

The newPerformance Premium RAP Underwriting Requirements Guide:

Quick References

United Guaranty's Performance Premium Quick Reference, which included both full-file and RAP underwriting requirements, will be retired on August 13, 2012. It is being replaced with a Performance Premium RAP Quick Reference which will only include RAP underwriting requirements.
For more information about our requirements, see our new Guides (attached):

For more information,please contact your United Guaranty account executive.


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