July 5, 2013
Underwriting Requirement Changes for Florida Condos

Effective with mortgage insurance (MI) applications received on or after July 8, 2013, United Guaranty will remove the underwriting restrictions for Florida condominiums. This is due to the level of improvement in the Florida housing market.

Florida condominiums will be eligible under the same underwriting requirements as those for 1-unit properties (SFD, SFA, non-FL condos, co-ops). This change applies to both Performance Premium® Full-File and RAP® (Reporting Acceptance Program®) underwriting requirements.

Please Note:

Please contact your United Guaranty Sales Team if you have questions about this announcement. For assistance with RAP, call 877.642.4642, option 2. For technical assistance, call the United Guaranty ReadiResource Center® at 888.484.4636.

The following will be updated on this page effective July 8, 2013: