October 4, 2013
United Guaranty – Ready to Help During the Government Shutdown

1. We’re here to help with FHA uncertainty.

At United Guaranty, we know the last thing you want is uncertainty in your mortgage loan closing process. With the current government shutdown and FHA's request of funds to subsidize their capital requirements, we understand there is some confusion about FHA's continued ability to do business as usual. Also, depending on the length of the shutdown, there may ultimately be delays with the closing of your loans.


During the government shutdown, if you and your borrower want to take the steps to facilitate a loan closing with conventional MI, we are ready to help:

2. Temporary underwriting requirement waiver for furloughed government employees.

We’ve made these temporary updates to our underwriting requirements to support borrowers affected by the current government shutdown:

We know that disruptions are never welcome, but if we can help you close on time, please let us know.

If you have additional questions, please call our Underwriting Customer Service Department at 877.642.4642, or feel free to contact your Account Executive.


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