July 13, 2015
United Guaranty's Position on June 30 Fannie Mae Selling Guide Announcement SEL-2015-07

United Guaranty supports the changes announced by Fannie Mae in SEL-2015-07. Effective immediately, United Guaranty's underwriting requirements will align with the changes for the following topics in the Fannie Mae announcement:

In its next update, United Guaranty's Underwriting Requirements Guide ("Guide") will reflect the removal of the additional reserves requirements in Section 13.02.01 (Reserves – General) for 1–4 unit primary residences when the borrower is retaining the current primary residence. United Guaranty's standard reserve requirements for 1–4 unit primary residences outlined in this Guide section will apply.

United Guaranty's Guide currently aligns with all other underwriting changes listed above from SEL-2015-07.

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