United Guaranty Insights United Guaranty Insights Archive—October 2016

Rescission Relief: Selecting the Option That’s Best for You
Amy Butler, Regional Vice President—Heartland Region
United Guaranty Corporation
October 28, 2016

United Guaranty offers five different rescission relief options. Which one is right for you?

Identifying Mortgage Fraud
John Stoppler
John Stoppler, Vice President—Investigations and Appeals
United Guaranty Corporation
October 11, 2016

Mortgage professionals need to stay vigilant to recognize fraud as perpetrators shift tactics as they work to stay one step ahead.

Home Sales at a 10-Year High, Helped By Low Interest Rates.
Valerie Ausband
Valerie Tucker Ausband, Regional Vice President—Southeast
United Guaranty Corporation
October 7, 2016

Home sales reached a 10-year high in July, and recent statistics show low interest rates are continuing to encourage home buyers.