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For Most Borrowers, United Guaranty Can Mean
Lower Cost and More Buying Power

Borrowers Save More Up Front and over the Life of the Loan.

Price us today and see how MI with United Guaranty can save your borrower money on loans up to 97% LTV.

United Guaranty Can Save Your Borrowers Money

United Guaranty Performance Premium® FHA
Borrower-Paid Monthly Lender-Paid Single FHA

Total Monthly Payment

Total Monthly Payment

Total Monthly Payment

Monthly MI

Up-front MI Premium Paid by Lender

Monthly Payment

62 bps 232 bps 175 bps (upfront)
85 bps (annually)
Interest Rate
Interest Rate
Interest Rate

Five Year MI Savings
Compared to FHA

Five Year MI Savings
Compared to FHA

Total MI Cost for the Life of the Loan




Assumptions: Base loan amount $200,000, two borrowers, 720 credit score, 41% DTI, 30-year fixed-rate purchase loan, single-family house, stable market, 95% LTV United Guaranty, and 96.5% LTV FHA. Performance Premium pricing as of November 28, 2016. FHA rate source: FHA Mortgagee Letter 2015-1.

Isn't it time to ask why you're still using FHA for your borrowers?