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Discover how contract service underwriting from United Guaranty can help you create a competitive edge.

  • Help offset potential loss—receive the benefits of reps and warrants for all compliance-underwritten loans with mortgage insurance.
  • Achieve consistent underwriting execution—our underwriting network is designed to deliver efficient, objective, and accountable compliance decisions.
  • Create underwriting capacity—use our contract services when you need them, for as long as you need them.
  • Treat underwriting as a variable cost—eliminate fixed costs during times of low volume.
  • Manage underwriting expenses—such as salaries, benefits, technology expenses, management costs, and overhead.
  • Save on resources—we provide the personnel management, training, underwriting support, and physical space.


We offer expert underwriting and a best-in-class service experience.

  • Highly skilled and experienced underwriting resources continually enhanced through ongoing assessment and training.
  • Third-party quality assurance tools to support managing loan quality.
  • Lender education about mortgage insurance underwriting guidelines to improve loan submission quality and underwriting efficiency.
  • Risk management expertise to provide mortgage insurance performance analysis.
  • Contract service operational overview for compliance underwriting services.
  • Resources to mitigate undue influence and deliver an objective underwriting decision.
  • Customer support hotline and United Guaranty Account Executives available for underwriting assistance and scenarios.
  • Contact your United Guaranty representative today to learn more about how our contract services can help you start creating security today.

Submission Form

Contract Services Submission Form
(only for use with compliance underwriting with mortgage insurance)