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The Quality Assurance process at United Guaranty involves regular, indiscriminate samplings of loan documents (for delegated customers) or closing documents (for full-file customers) to ensure your success and our compliance with Private Mortgage Insurer Eligibility Requirements (PMIERs). What follows is an overview of the process for delegated customers. Full-file closing document review is newest to our QA workflow. Review the announcement on our news page.

Quality Assurance: How It Works

We communicate and collaborate throughout our QA process for delegated customers in order to efficiently and effectively address problems before it's too late.

As part of your Delegated Data Submission ("delegated") agreement with United Guaranty, our Quality Assurance (QA) team will periodically and randomly request loans to review for compliance with our underwriting requirements and procedures.

The frequency of requests will vary and may be based on volume and/or performance. For example, new delegated customers will have a sample of their first loans selected for review once mortgage insurance (MI) is activated on those loans.

How It Works

Initial Request for Loans

The process begins with our QA team sending an email request for specific loan files. The request will include the:

Our Review

When we receive your files, our QA team will email an acknowledgement of receipt. Once our review of your loans is complete, we will send preliminary findings for the loans.

Responding to Our Initial Findings

When you have reviewed our preliminary findings, you will have the opportunity to provide additional information/documentation to overcome any identified deficiencies. Your response should be sent within 15 days of receipt of our preliminary findings. At this time, you may submit clarification, additional comments, or documents to support your original underwriting decision. No response to the preliminary findings will indicate lender acknowledgement and agreement with the findings.

QA Final Results

QA will evaluate your responses and supporting documentation to determine whether the loan meets MI requirements and respond accordingly. We will provide you with the final results of the QA review. It is important to note that, as a result of a QA finding(s), you will not be required to make data changes to a loan, even when a mortgage insurance commitment has been issued, and you do not need to re-submit your loan as a full file.

We are committed to providing quality service and sincerely appreciate your business. If you have any questions about our QA process, please contact a member of our QA team at 888.844.6787 or 336.217.2100, or email us at UGC:qualityassurance.

The QA Program: File Transmission Options

  1. Online

    You can upload entire loan files or follow-up documentation using MI Guide's servicing platform.

    Click on this link to get information about using the ‘Upload Documents’ feature on MI Guide’s servicing platform.

  2. Secure File Transfer (SFTP)

    Loan documentation can be transferred from your system to our system using SFTP. For instructions on signing up for SFTP, please contact the QA department at 888.844.6787 or 336.217.2100 or UGC:qualityassurance.

    Please note: SFTP activation can take up to six weeks.

  3. BlitzDocs®

    You must have a Xerox account established to use BlitzDocs. After a Xerox account has been established, call the QA department at 888.844.6787 or 336.217.2100, or email UGC:qualityassurance for set-up.

  4. Fax

    866.280.0598 (toll-free)

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