Delegated Data Submission

United Guaranty's Delegated Data Submission offers faster approval by allowing underwriters at the lender's locations to review and approve loans before submitting them to United Guaranty for mortgage insurance.

Delegated Data Submission refers to any loans reported to United Guaranty via one of the following submission methods:

Eligibility Requirements

Continued eligibility in United Guaranty's Delegated Data Submission depends on satisfactory program performance and acceptable delinquency and claims experience for loans insured by United Guaranty. Program performance is evaluated according to the terms and conditions specified in the Master Policy and Commitment Letter.

Lender Responsibilities

  1. Maintain the quality of the loans, originated by the lender's institution and insured by United Guaranty under the Delegated Data Submission program.
  2. Ensure the loan has been underwritten in compliance with United Guaranty's applicable eligibility criteria and underwriting guidelines in effect at the reporting time.
  3. Allow only underwriting staff to report loans under the Delegated Data Submission program.
  4. Report true and accurate loan data in exchange for an insurance certificate.
  5. Report to United Guaranty loan-specific change requests that occur from the date of the original reporting through the date of the loan closing.
  6. Cooperate with United Guaranty to resolve concerns associated with underwriting performance.
  7. Support United Guaranty in its performance of quality control reviews. This support includes timely response to requests for loan files (within 30 days unless otherwise mutually agreed upon).
  8. Comply with all the terms and conditions covered in the Master Policy issued to the lender.

United Guaranty Responsibilities

  1. Provide access to eligibility criteria and underwriting requirements and procedures along with applicable updates, and notify the lender in advance of any changes.
  2. Perform quality assurance reviews as deemed necessary and share the results with the lender.

Quality Assurance

United Guaranty periodically conducts loan-level quality assurance reviews in order to evaluate the lender's performance under the Delegated Data Submission program. Learn more about the Quality Assurance Program.


United Guaranty offers online training for our Delegated Data Submission. Click here for more information or, if you have questions, call us at 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642).