Doc Station (DPI)

United Guaranty transforms the mortgage loan review process with Doc Station (DPI) – Digital, Paperless, and Innovative.

Doc Station (DPI) captures the advantages of digital loan files and automated work processes for the fastest possible underwriting decisions. The result is a faster and more efficient process, better service, and safer management of important data.

With Doc Station (DPI), lenders have four ways to submit loan packages.

For quickest service and same-day submissions:

Submission and contact information:

United Guaranty
Digital Operations
230 N. Elm St.,
6th Floor Greensboro, NC  27401

Fax: 800.262.8432

For next-day submissions:

Regardless of the method of delivery, selected loans will be immediately available for underwriting. This quick turnaround allows United Guaranty to maintain our commitment to exceeding customer expectations for loan underwriting.

To learn more about Doc Station (DPI), contact your United Guaranty representative.