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Welcome to United Guaranty. We provide innovative, quality risk solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers to remain competitive and generate a profitable, yet responsible book of business for their stakeholders.

United Guaranty provides an array of products and services including first-lien mortgage guaranty insurance in a range of premium payment plans. United Guaranty is the only MI provider to offer Performance Premium® risk-based MI pricing.

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Getting Started

United Guaranty's MI Guide®

Order and receive your MI certificate in less than 20 seconds, file claims online, calculate rates, get instant status on loans being underwritten in our offices, and much more.

MI Guide is United Guaranty's secure portal to more than 20 time saving applications, for example:

Plus, it's fully customizable—allowing you to personalize and create the best work environment for your needs.

Visit www.ugmiguide.com and get started now! New users will require an ID and password. You'll need your home office Master Policy number to create/obtain a user ID and password. To obtain an ID, please contact your sales representative. If you're located in a branch, you will also need the Branch ID associated with your Master Policy.

MI Guide does NOT provide direct access to the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac automated underwriting systems.

MI Product Options and Rates

Performance Premium
Pricing based on a comprehensive range of risk attributes to generate an individualized price for each loan, making it the only truly risk-based pricing in the market.

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Rate Runner and Secure Quote
Getting an instant MI quote is easy with Rate Runner, our online rate calculator. Once you enter loan data, you can get an instant quote and use MI Compare to see a side-by-side comparison of MI options, including FHA.

When you use United Guaranty's Secure Quote, we'll stand by the Performance Premium pricing model used when your rate quote was obtained for up to 90 days.

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LOS Integrations and Product and Pricing Engines
We offer connections to a variety of LOS and PPE services, and continue to establish new connections.

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Other MI-Related Options

United Guaranty’s QM-ready mortgage insurance plans make calculating borrower fees under QM regulations much easier. With our QMI suite of borrower and lender paid options, you can typically skip the MI premium as part of the maximum 3% borrower fees under QMI/ATR. .

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MI vs. FHA
Conventional loans with private mortgage insurance can have many advantages for you and your borrowers. Find out how your borrowers can save more, buy more home, and cancel their insurance when it’s no longer needed.

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United Guaranty is a strong supporter of HARP. Find tools and resources to make HARP work for your borrowers.

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Whether you choose to submit for full-file underwriting or use United Guaranty’s delegated data submission program, we offer support through online and live resources.

Whether you choose to submit for United Guaranty to underwrite or submit delegated loan data:

Live Underwriting Support 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642); UGC:customerservice

Loan Submission Options

We offer a variety of submission options to ensure speed, simplicity, and protection of your secure information.

UG Underwrites:

Delegated Loan Data Submissions:

Expired Commitments

To inquire about expired or canceled commitments, please email us at UGC:customerservice or call us 877.642.4642

Credit Unions
Quality Assurance - Post Closing Review
Borrower Resources

Find answers to questions your borrowers may ask about private mortgage insurance, facts about their rights to cancellation, and how United Guaranty can help if your borrower falls behind on mortgage payments.

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News & Updates

Find archived announcements and sign up to receive information.

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