United Guaranty and Arch MI are now one company. You can continue to use your existing processes to submit and service loans with United Guaranty and Arch MI, and we will continue to provide the outstanding service you’ve come to expect. United Guaranty and Arch MI: Together Is Better.

Payment Methods That Fit Your Business

How do you want to receive your bill?

To streamline billing processes, United Guaranty offers two electronic alternatives: EDI-based renewal billing and web billing. These options allow electronic receipt and processing for renewals via EDI or the web and are available for servicer systems as well as service bureaus.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

For servicers currently receiving paper bills, the transition to EDI is virtually seamless. To inquire about EDI billing, email UGC:servicing.

Web-based Billing

To use web-based billing, you'll need an active MI Guide account. To get set up on MI Guide, contact our technical support team at 877.642.4642 and specify that you want the "View Renewal Premium" and "Upload" applications, and that you want to change your billing method to web-based billing.

When do you want to pay your bill?

United Guaranty's flexible billing option, FLEXIBILL®, lets you choose from four billing date options, so you can synchronize billing with your preferred payment schedule.

Because FLEXIBILL is considered "open-items" billing, bills include all premiums due (up to and including the current month) as well as premiums due for loans that have been reported delinquent. To avoid duplicate billing, the prior month's premium payments must be received within five business days before the next billing date.

To change the FLEXIBILL billing date, please email UGC:servicing with a preferred billing date from the four billing cycle options: week two (8th), week three (16th), week four (24th), or the last day of the month.

Processing the Premiums Due Statement

When you receive the monthly statement, you should verify that the information contained on the statement is correct.

If you find any discrepancies, email UGC:servicing and include the following information:

Understanding PostPay Certificates on Your Bill

Because PostPay doesn't require payment at the time of activation, you will be billed for your first full month of premium. Here's how it works:

Example of PostPay in Action
January 12 February 8 March 8
  • The loan closes. The customer activates the loan and pays no initial premium.
  • Coverage is effective as of the closing date.
  • United Guaranty sends a bill for the initial premium, which covers January 12 through February 28.
  • This premium is due by the end of March.
  • United Guaranty sends a bill for March premium.
  • This premium is due by the end of April.

Sending the Renewal Payment

You can remit your payment by ACH or by sending a check to the addresses indicated below. A check for the total premium amount due should be sent with the remittance copy of the Premiums Due Statement.

Lockbox Address:
Wells Fargo
United Guaranty
P.O. Box 60957
Charlotte, NC 28260

Overnight Payment Address:
Wells Fargo
United Guaranty
Lockbox 60957
1525 West W.T. Harris Blvd. – 2C2
Charlotte, NC 28262

Late Payments

A delay in payment of more than 60 days will result in cancellation of insurance for non-payment of renewal premium, in accordance with the terms of the Master Policy. Servicers will receive a Termination of Insurance Notice for each cancellation.

In the event of underpayment of a renewal premium, United Guaranty does not acknowledge or apply a premium until the full amount has been received. For example, if $50 is received for $100 due, it will appear on your statement as unapplied funds. The $100 due will be reflected as past due on the next month's billing statement.