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United Guaranty and Arch MI are now one company. You can continue to use your existing processes to submit and service loans with United Guaranty and Arch MI, and we will continue to provide the outstanding service you’ve come to expect. United Guaranty and Arch MI: Together Is Better.

Dedicated to Helping You from Start to Finish

United Guaranty is committed to efficient claims processing—from submission through analysis, calculation, and resolution. Our Claims team is available to answer your questions, and we'll do all we can to help you stay on track throughout the process, including providing continuous communication, reminder letters, and other updates.

Contact Claims: Customer Support

Submitting Claims: First Steps and Handy Tips

We know you want your claim to move forward quickly. To facilitate the process, it's important to include all required documents, as outlined in the Claims Guide (Effective October 1, 2014).

Please note: For loans submitted prior to October 1, 2014, please refer to instructions outlined in United Guaranty's previous Claims Guide.

Note: There are many types of insured mortgages, and the review process may be different for some types of claims. For complete details, please refer to the Claims Guide.


To appeal a United Guaranty decision, please review our Appeals Guide and contact the Appeals team at 855.277.8288, or send a message to UGC:appeals.

Six Claims Submission Options—What's Most Convenient for You?

As a mortgage servicer, you have several convenient options for submitting claims to United Guaranty.

  1. Claims Station®: available via United Guaranty's MI Guide® (please see details in next section).
  2. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange): for more information, please contact our Customer Service Department at 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642) or email UGC:ugclaimstatus.
  3. FTP (File Transfer Protocol): for more information, please contact our Customer Service Department at 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642) or email UGC:ugclaimstatus.
  4. Email: UGC:dareview
  5. Fax: 888.528.3273
  6. Mail:
    First Lien:
    United Guaranty—Claims Control
    Attention: Second Floor Claims Coordinator, First Lien
    230 N. Elm Street
    Greensboro, NC 27401

    Second Lien:
    United Guaranty—Claims Control
    Attention: Second Lien Department, Fifth Floor
    230 N. Elm Street
    Greensboro, NC 27401

Claims Station: How to Handle Claims FAST!

Claims Station is United Guaranty's web-based tool to manage your entire claims process. With Claims Station, you can:

For instructions on registering for MI Guide and Claims Station—or for more information—visit ugmiguide.com.

Need a Form? Check These Out!

Documents and forms that support the claims process are available on our Resources page, including:

Loan Modification and Borrower Assistance

When it's easier for you to process loan modifications for United Guaranty-insured loans, you're able to help more homeowners stay in their homes. Our experienced workout specialists are available from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET to support servicers and homeowners.

Use this link to download the Loan Modification form for Default/Imminent Default.

For help or answers to questions about borrower assistance, call 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642) or email UGC:workout.

Keep Us Up to Date

When your team changes, please let us know. Ensuring we have your company's up-to-date contact details helps us keep your employees informed about claims-related updates and news. If there's a change, please call us 877.MI.CHOICE (877.642.4642) or send your update to UGC:ugclaimstatus.