icon Reinstating Mortgage Insurance

United Guaranty and Arch MI are now one company. You can continue to use your existing processes to submit and service loans with United Guaranty and Arch MI, and we will continue to provide the outstanding service you’ve come to expect. United Guaranty and Arch MI: Together Is Better.

Expired Commitments

If the mortgage loan does not close within the term of the Commitment and Certificate, a new application for mortgage insurance will be required. All current guidelines, eligibility criteria, and pricing in effect at the time of the new application will apply.

If the loan closes within the term of the Commitment and Certificate without activating the Commitment and Certificate, email UGC:servicing to apply for reinstatement.

Canceled In-Force Certificates

Did you cancel your certificate in error?

Requirements for reinstatement differ depending on the circumstances of cancellation and the amount of time elapsed since the cancellation.

Please email UGC:servicing with your certificate number and request for reinstatement. You will be notified if the request has been approved and whether there are any other requirements for reinstatement.

If a refund was issued when coverage was canceled, United Guaranty requires that the amount of the refund be returned to United Guaranty. In addition, all premiums that would have been due had the insurance remained in effect must be paid.