MI Guide Next Gen

United Guaranty and Arch MI are now one company. You can continue to use your existing processes to submit and service loans with United Guaranty and Arch MI, and we will continue to provide the outstanding service you’ve come to expect. United Guaranty and Arch MI: Together Is Better.

Your Quick and Easy Portal for Mortgage Insurance

MI Guide has been redesigned with you in mind. The Rate Runner® and Doc Station features have been completely rewritten and replaced with a new pipeline designed to work the way you do.


Actionable Dashboard

  • Pipeline View

    An easy way to take action on quotes, applications, commitments, and certificates.

  • Seamless Connections

    Quotes from MI NOW, integrated loan origination systems, and pricing engines are all seamlessly connected to your MI Guide account Convenient Navigation.

Pipeline View

Full-File Made Simple

  • Enter essential loan information and upload all of your documents on a single screen.
  • Over 50% faster than our previous full-file submission process.

Watch our how-to videos related to specific functions to learn more. You can also read our FAQ.

Full-File View

How to use the new MI Guide

Watch these videos for a quick look at how to use United Guaranty's enhanced portal for mortgage insurance.

Introducing Our New MI Rate Quote System

Our New MI Rate Quote System

How to Submit Full-File Applications in the New MI Guide

How to Submit Full-File Applications

How to Submit Delegated Applications in the New MI Guide

How to Submit Delegated Applications


Which web browsers work best with MI Guide?

MI Guide works best using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11.

What can I expect to see in my pipeline the first time I log in?

Your pipeline will automatically show your items for the last 75 days, up to 125 quotes and full-file applications. You can use the Search feature on the pipeline page to find items that aren't visible in your pipeline by borrower's last name, certificate number or quote number. You can also search for full-file applications and quotes in your company's pipeline.

What's not available in MI Guide the first time I log in?

Delegated loan submission functions related to RAPid Link, PC Unite, and Claims Station are functions that will be introduced in the new MI Guide at a later date.

Quotes completed through a loan origination system will need to be accessed via the Master Policy ID.

My pipeline is empty. Why is this?

Until you create a quote or full-file application, your pipeline will appear empty. If you are only submitting delegated applications, the pipeline will be empty until we bring delegated applications into the pipeline.

I don't see anything new. Why is that?

Customers that perform both originations and post-closing/claims/servicing functions won't have access to new features until the post-closing features such as PC Unite and Claims Station are developed at a later date. Only customers with origination-specific functions will be able to access the new features.

My functions are origination-specific, but I still don't see anything new. Why is that?

If you are visiting MI Guide without logging in, you may still need to register for an MI Guide account.

What are the capabilities available the new MI Guide?
  • View or sort a collection of recent items, as well as search for and retrieve them.
  • Manage quotes, full-file applications, full-file commitments, and full-file in-force certificates.
  • Create new quotes and print quote PDFs.
  • Edit existing quotes that have not expired.
  • Access quotes generated from our MI NOW℠ mobile app for iOS.
  • Edit interest rate inside the Payment Comparison.
  • Order full-file MI from the quote.
  • Create new full-file applications, upload documents, and submit trailing documents.
  • Open MI decision documents (lack of doc, conditional commitment, etc.).
  • Create, resubmit, upload, and set preferences.
  • View delegated certificate PDFs.
Why doesn't my quote information populate the full-file application when I click "Order Full File?"

This feature will be applied to MI Guide in a future rollout.

What can I do differently with the new MI Guide?

Your new pipeline has been designed to make it easier for you to take action on your stored items, streamlining the way you do business with us.

What changes to MI Guide will come next?

We expect to bring on a customer-facing quoting feature, make enhancements based on customer feedback, and rewrite post-close servicing features, such as RAPid Link.

Who do I contact if I have feedback about the new MI Guide, or if I still have questions?

If you have any questions about using MI Guide, please view our tutorials below, read the FAQs for more information, or contact our ReadiResource Center at 1.877.642.4642.